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Combating climate change by valuing natural capital

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Combating climate change by valuing and enhancing natural capital.

The UK is on a mission to achieve net zero by 2050. Yet 20% of businesses don’t understand what this really means. While the focus is on reducing carbon emissions, achieving net zero also means working to actively remove carbon that’s already in the atmosphere. And while there are already processes in place to track carbon removal, these methods are often manual, which means that they can often be highly inaccurate, and prove to be challenging – if not impossible – to scale as needed.

Addressing this is carbon removal company Treeconomy. Using advanced drone technologies to calculate carbon sequestration across forests and woodland, the organisation is developing automated techniques that are able to calculate sequestration with greater accuracy, and produce data on a per tree basis. In doing so, the Treeconomy team hopes to demonstrate just how valuable nature can be in achieving net zero, reduce the rate of deforestation, and prevent loss of biodiversity.

With support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Treeconomy has been able to expand their team, providing the company with the resources and skills needed to develop the core technology, test that technology, and demonstrate its real world impact. Ultimately, Treeconomy is striving to remove and store more than one gigaton of CO2 within nature-based environments through its satellite data systems.

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