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Creating emotional consumer connections with audio branding

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Moodsonic, from The Sound Agency, can provide our office spaces with a bit more life, using intelligent, adaptive soundscapes attuned to every aspect of our environments.

While aesthetics are a common consideration in interior design, the importance of sound is often overlooked. Now, one innovative organisation is helping to change that, by helping businesses build compelling, productive, and positive workplaces through nature-inspired soundscapes.

Former musician Julian Treasure is the Founder of The Sound Agency; a global expert in audio branding that helps businesses to attract and retain both clients and employees through positive on-site experiences rooted in bespoke sound projects.

With support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, The Sound Agency was able to develop Moodsonic; an innovative sound technology that introduces intelligent, biophilic soundscapes to workspaces to boost productivity and wellbeing. Reacting to changes in background noise, temperature, and occupancy, Moodsonic adapts as needed to the environment to consistently offer positive experiences for workers.

Lead Participant:
The Sound Agency Ltd