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The Little Loop

The shared wardrobe for kids

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Thelittleloop is keeping kids’ clothes in circulation for 5x longer than average with a rental service enabling parents to hire pre-worn items.

Many parents think that it’s ‘impossible’ to live an eco-friendly lifestyle with young children. And it’s easy to see why, After all, kids can grow by up to 9cm per year, which means that they often outgrow their clothes before they’ve even had a chance to wear them. Unfortunately, the rapid rate at which little ones develop is understood to be one of the biggest factors contributing towards high quantities of textiles in landfills. 

Understanding this problem all too well is mum of two Charlotte Morley, who founded The Little Loop in a bid to make it easier for parents to reduce their environmental impact. As the UK’s first shared wardrobe for kids, The Little Loop is an online clothing ‘library’ of over 10,000 quality items which enables parents to rent clothes in the sizes they need – right through from ages 1 to 10 – and return them as their children grow.

The Little Loop made use of the Sustainable Innovation Fund to further develop and deploy its garment tracking technology. With QR codes attached to every item, parents gain full visibility into the garment’s journey, while The Little Loop benefits from valuable insights which are fed back to the brands they partner with. Ultimately, this technology is helping clothing brands improve sustainability across the fashion industry.

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The Little Loop