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Bringing clarity to carbon markets

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Woodlands around the world are providing critical ecosystem services that are essential for achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, carbon markets are feeling the pressure, with estimates that they must grow 15-fold by 2030 – and up to 100-fold by 2050 – if they are to offset all the emissions that they need to. Sylvera and their carbon intelligence platform and mapping functionality provides data-driven insights into woodland offset project performance and provides a clear overview of above ground carbon storage. 

At the heart of this necessary growth is accuracy; an ability to see exactly what’s going on across the carbon market and ensure that offset projects are continuing to do their job. Sylvera, a market-leading carbon intelligence platform and API founded by Dr Allister Furey, is striving to improve transparency and accuracy within the market by making it easy to assess, compare, and monitor global nature-based offset projects. 

With the help of the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Sylvera has been able to raise the vital funds needed to enhance its platform with Earth Observation technology. This technology is being used to generate maps of above ground carbon and biomass storage and train machine learning models to support carbon market scaling. 

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