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Homes in the airspace above existing buildings

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London is in the midst of a housing crisis, and the new London Plan predicts that nearly 65,000 new homes will need to be built in the capital by 2029 to meet demand. But there’s an even bigger problem: land. Cities like London simply don’t have enough available land to properly support this necessary growth. The solution? Building upwards, not outwards. That’s exactly what urban designer Arthur Kay is doing through his work as CEO and Founder of Skyroom Ltd.

Skyroom is a technology, design, and airspace development company that unlocks the airspace above London’s existing buildings, making the most of what would otherwise be dead space. In doing so, Skyroom Ltd estimates that the cost of land can be reduced tenfold.

With help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Kay and the Skyroom Ltd team have been able to further develop and refine the Podium system, enabling them to work closely with local authorities, housing associations, and private landlords to develop new, sustainable homes in the heart of the city for London’s essential workforce. The company is on a mission to develop 10,000 new homes for key workers by 2020.

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