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Increasing transparency in global healthcare

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Biometric technology to connect patients in developing nations with their accurate health needs and records.

Infectious diseases are one of the biggest threats to the global population. However, with reports suggesting that up to 1.5 billion people do not officially exist due to a lack of formal documentation and identification across some developing nations, it’s incredibly challenging to ensure health services are reaching those who need them.

Tackling this is University of Cambridge Researcher Toby Norman, who together with his team are helping to increase transparency in global health. Through tech company Simprints, Norman is developing biometric digital tools that use fingerprint data and contact-free imaging to connect patients with their medical history and healthcare data. Using any connected Android device, biometrics can be used to instantly identify patients when administering vaccines, medications, or any other health interventions.

With support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, the Simprints team have been able to develop a new periocular facial recognition tool that ensures patients can be accurately identified through the upper part of the face only, taking into account the growing number of people wearing medical masks or face coverings. This feature ensures appropriate healthcare is continuing to be provided in the ‘new normal’.

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