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Extended reality and spatial computing to enhance video meetings

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Over the past few years, many obstacles have emerged that have made it difficult – or even impossible – for businesses to ensure they have the right skills, in the right places, to meet their needs. Whether that’s travel challenges making it difficult to access experts, or the need to support a growing number of remote applications, the ability for professionals to complete tasks from anywhere is an urgent issue that needs addressing.

Tackling the problem is George Sims, Co-Founder and CSO of SimplyVideo. Sims and his team believe that video is not only key to improving remote productivity and enabling better collaboration, but also to reducing the need for carbon-emitting business travel.

However, with standard video conferencing tools being two dimensional, their impact is limited. That’s why SimplyVideo is using spatial computing and extended reality technologies to create the situational awareness that’s needed to get a job done outside of the physical location. Through the use of the technology, Sims hopes to support businesses as they work to expand in-person tasks to remote environments.

SimplyVideo used the Sustainable Innovation Fund to develop their solutions faster and with more flexibly to meet the rapidly growing demand as the ‘work from home’ revolution took off. Now, the company is striving to become a platform that revolutionises the video conferencing landscape, moving beyond the standard ‘faces on screens’ to actively support businesses using video for direct productivity.


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