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In 2020, 20% of pupils left primary school unable to write to the expected standard. And with education having been disrupted over the past year, this figure is expected to rise. However, while there are strong support processes in place for structured subjects like maths, it is often challenging to implement such support for creative topics such as writing. Pobble’s new online moderation tool is reducing the need for travel and cutting the carbon footprint of moderators

In 2011, Jon Smith co-founded Pobble alongside a group of dedicated teachers to help children become more engaged in their writing and provide vital support for creative and unstructured areas of education. Pobble produces high quality resources to inspire and motivate young writers, and help teachers educate their pupils with confidence.

Now, with assistance from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Jon and the team have been able to transform Pobble into an online solution to improve access to essential learning support from anywhere, at any time. The new Pobble online moderation tool helps teachers to assess children’s writing and validate their feedback with help from educators all around the world. The funding allowed Pobble to initiate a pilot project in North Yorkshire to explore the efficacy of online, remote moderation.

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