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Fast fashion results in many of our cheap, poorly made clothing being thrown out or laying unused. Petit Pli provide a stylish, sustainable range of ‘growing’ clothes to extend the clothing life cycle.

An estimated £140 million worth of clothing enters UK landfill every year, and our unused clothing is worth approximately £30 billion. Ryan Mario Yasin, CEO and Founder of Petit Pli, is tackling the wasteful and unethical fast fashion industry by extending the life cycle of clothing.

Petit Pli is a material technology company focused on creating solutions with a human-centric approach. The first solution was clothes that grow with children. The company has since moved on to develop adult wear, maternity wear and an antiviral mask with a circular design that reduces waste at the point of manufacture.

The Sustainable Innovation Fund allowed the team to work towards a new goal and add value to society. With the funding, Petit Pli undertook R&D to accelerate the development of a one size fits all mask.

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