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mOm Incubators

Affordable, Lightweight, Neonatal Incubators

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mOm incubators is helping decrease infant mortality through an accessible, lightweight solution that is also highly energy efficient. 15 million babies are born prematurely every single year, and of that about 7% don’t make it due to poor healthcare. CEO and product designer of mOm incubators James Roberts is rethinking the way neonatal healthcare is delivered.

Their neonatal incubator is a unique solution that contrasts traditional incubators in that it is a 20kg portable, collapsible, and accessible solution that provides flexibility to medical staff, allowing them to provide the necessary care to infants whenever and wherever it is needed, in any environment and even during transportation.

As any traditional incubator, mOm incubators provide a high spec thermally stable and safe environment for premature infants. However, these particular incubators run on 100 watts in steady state, making them very energy efficient and thus have a low carbon footprint.

Innovate UK’s Sustainable innovation Fund allowed the company to perform a usability study to gather data and detailed feedback on how to improve the performance of the incubator. The fund also allowed the company to test their product in a clinical setting for the first time.

This technology can benefit thousands of premature babies not only throughout the UK but internationally, changing the landscape for neonatal care on a global scale through a high-tech and sustainable solution.

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