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The world's smartest battery system.

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By rethinking the approach to energy storage and distribution in developing countries, Mega-Bric are paving the way towards reduced energy storage costs and hyper efficient batteries using innovative cell technology and capitalising on the benefits of distributed generation.

While the number of people living without electricity dropped to a record low of 770 million in 2019, the challenges of 2020 are reversing much of that progress, and it’s estimated that more than 100 million Africans today do not have access to power.

Clean energy engineering from ALP Technologies is addressing this crisis through the development of renewable energy solutions for the developing world. The company’s latest innovation, the Mega-Bric, is the world’s most affordable battery system, helping to lower the cost of energy in developing nations. The exciting project is headed by ALP Technologies founder James Kong who studied as a doctor and carved out a career on Wall Street before exploring his passion for deploying renewable energy in Africa.

Through the Sustainable Innovation Fund, ALP Technologies has been able to further enhance the system, extending its value by leveraging the technology to improve commercial energy storage in developed nations. Support from the fund enabled ALP Technologies to showcase the wider applications of the system by powering a commercial property in the heart of London using the Mega-Bric. It is expected that the system will positively impact three billion people, all over the world, over the next five years.