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Harvesting energy from indoor light

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With the growing use of connected devices comes the growing use of batteries. In fact, it’s estimated that the rising adoption of the Internet of Things will result in more than 100 million battery replacements every single day. Unfortunately, not only is the transport and shipping of batteries hazardous, but they are also not a sustainable solution.

Mathias Kawa and his team at Lightricity Ltd are introducing a new way to power IoT sensors and devices using solar PV panels that are powered from indoor light sources. Without the use of any disposable or rechargeable batteries, the innovative technology generates power using just small amounts of light found in homes and offices, and is six times more efficient than previous iterations of artificial light harvesting technologies.

With help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Lightricity Ltd was able to trial the technology in real world environments, including NHS hospitals, and retail settings, and across the logistics sector to accurately demonstrate the power of alternative energy harvesting technologies and take the first steps towards eradicating battery use.

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Lightricity ltd