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Comfortable, Affordable, Easy Prosthetics.

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Inspired by sneaker design – Koalaa makes soft, affordable and cool prosthetics that comfortably fit the individual user

Limb loss is a global challenge but statistics only 10% of amputees have access to prosthetics. Of these, 7 out of 10 end up not wearing them, finding them uncomfortable, heavy and difficult to use. Traditional designs are rigid, bespoke moulded and unusable if the wearer changes size. Koalaa-ltd founder Nate Macabuag was inspired by his love of sneaker design, to make prosthetics cool, fun and comfortable and most importantly – easy to fit and reusable.

Support from Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund allowed Koalaa to adapt their designs for patients who had recently undergone amputations, helping them to continue to innovate and develop more sustainable prosthetics with the potential to give wearers almost 60% functionality from very early on in their prosthetics journey, something that has never been available before.

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