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Heimdall Protective Tech

Washable, Customisable, soft-shell headgear

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427 people are admitted to UK hospitals each day with a head injury. Heimdall Protective Tech is setting out to reduce this number with an innovative soft shell helmet that minimises impact in high risk sport settings. 

The NHS is in a state of crisis. Not only are waiting lists for critical treatments longer than ever, but A&E departments are struggling to provide timely care for patients in urgent need. In January 2019, 627 patients in A&E in England waited 12+ hours from decision to admission; this figure rose to 13,000 in December 2021. 

More needs to be done to reduce pressure on emergency departments, and this means lowering the risk of accidents. With help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Heimdall Protective Tech has been able to develop comfortable, effective head protection gear that can significantly reduce risk to cyclists, footballers, and more. 

The helmet is not only reusable but also fully recyclable thanks to the use of a carefully selected thermoplastic elastomer. This focus on sustainability enabled the company to utilise the Sustainable Innovation Fund to further develop and adapt the product for a broader selection of sports, including cycling. 

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Heimdall Protective Tech
Heimdall Protective Tech