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The UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe kit

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Recipe kit service Grubby is making it easier to switch to a plant-based diet with tasty meat-free foods delivered to your door.

It’s estimated that the UK could cut its agricultural carbon emissions by nearly two thirds if we all made small changes to our diets. For example, by replacing one meat-based meal per week with a plant-based alternative. And what’s interesting is that the majority of Brits are aware of the positive environmental impact of following a more sustainable diet. So what’s putting them off? Research shows that UK residents typically consider vegetarian/vegan food to be inconvenient, expensive, and not enjoyable.

Grubby is setting out to challenge this notion, and show Brits that plant-based cuisine can be exciting, tasty, and simple. Founded by Martin Holden-White, Grubby is the UK’s first recipe kit to feature 100% plant-based menus, delivering boxes that contain everything needed to whip up delicious meat-free dishes at home. Grubby caters to a wide range of tastes, with options including Chinese stir fries, Italian gnocchi, and Mexican-inspired quesadillas. All made from nutritious and sustainable ingredients.

With help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Grubby has expanded from office deliveries in Central London to a nationwide service, bringing great food to anyone across the country. The essential funding helped Grubby develop a powerful ecommerce platform for customers, build networks with local producers and sustainable packaging partners, and launch a brand new selection of mouthwatering meat-free recipes. Grubby now offer more than 100 different plant-based recipes and continue to expand their catalogue.

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