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Reducing the environmental impact of food

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Foodsteps is an inclusive and innovative system of food labelling that brings traceability and autonomy to every step of our food’s journey. The improved carbon visibility of our food products will allow us all to make informed decisions and contribute towards our net zero goals.

With 81% of British consumers supporting the inclusion of environmental data on food packaging, a new digital platform is making it easier for brands and food service organisations to generate carbon labels and both track and reduce their impact.

Foodsteps, from food sustainability expert @Anya_Doherty is an all-on-one platform that uses full lifecycle assessments that enable businesses to track their environmental impact at the farm, process, packaging, transport, retail, and end of life stages.

The innovative solution also empowers businesses to automatically generate clear traffic light labels for packaging, menus, and apps, helping consumers to make more informed, more responsible choices so everyone can do their part for the environment.

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Food Steps Ltd