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Envorem is introducing a new sludge cleaning system that physically removes 99% of hydrocarbons. If sediment waste extracted from oil was incinerated, it would generate more carbon dioxide than 75 million transatlantic flights. The good news is that this sludge is instead being discarded in pits. The bad news is that these deposits will still need to be incinerated in the future. And with 120 million tonnes of sludge dumped by the oil industry every year, the potential CO2 emissions are expected to be devastating.

Now, Envorem is developing a much-needed alternative. Managing Director Mark Batt-Rawden and his team at Envorem are designing systems that clean sludges in an environmentally-friendly way using low-energy technologies. These technologies not only clean the deposits, but may also be able help to recover discarded oil for reuse.

Using assistance from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Envorem was able to move forward in the development of its innovative technology when access to support from the company’s Oman-based laboratory partner was hindered by global travel restrictions. To date, Envorem’s system is the only environmental solution to this global problem, and over the next decade, the firm aims to rid the planet of sludge lagoons

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