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Immersive technologies to train for business

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New platform for improving XR training in workplaces

The training landscape has shifted in recent years, and today there is not only a need but also a strong desire to conduct training in the virtual environment. However, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of turning this concept into a reality is the lack of opportunity to scale learning and implement widespread training through VR headsets. Currently, the UK lacks the critical systems that are needed for businesses to create and implement training programmes broadly across large numbers of devices.

That’s a challenge XR solutions provider Digitalnauts is proud to be tackling. Co-founded by Mark Baxter, Digitalnauts has launched an innovative distribution platform, HoloHub, to encourage scale through adoption of XR technologies.

Developing this powerful new solution during a period of uncertainty was difficult for the team, but with support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Digitalnauts was able to invest in an additional three months of vital development for the platform. As part of this, the team were able to ensure full support for HoloHub across mobile headsets. Remaining funding was driven into the development of a new consultancy framework, placing Digitalnauts in a position to be able to offer a full end-to-end service for clients.


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