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Chirpy Heat

Improving the performance of heat networks in social housing

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It’s estimated that 18% of heat will need to come from heat networks by 2050. In essence, a single heat source that supplies multiple end users via a network of insulated pipes. In preparation, one innovative firm is stepping in to help social housing providers address the challenges of using district heating in homes.

Will Routh, Rachael Mills, and Nicholas Doyle are drawing upon their 50 years combined experience working with UK housing associations to ensure that providers are able to offer affordable and reliable heat for tenants via innovative heat network technology. Chirpy Heat is helping housing associations to create more efficient networks that reduce costs for customers and facilitate the next generation of responsible and sustainable, low-carbon housing.

With support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, the Chirpy Heat co-founders were able to further develop the Virtual Heat Network Manager; a system that undertakes a complete health check of heat networks, proactively identifying problems, boosting efficiency, and enabling housing providers to better support their tenants.