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With Brand Conscience’s Sustainability Graphic, shoppers are able to make more informed and more responsible purchasing choices.

An increasing number of businesses – across industries such as fashion, food, toys, and homeware – are committed to adding more sustainability information to their packaging. However, the various formats that are being used to display this information creates a barrier for consumers to easily compare brand to brand, and product to product. Now, with an increasing number of young shoppers showing interest in sustainability; one innovative company is setting out to create a recognised, standardised system.

Brand Conscience, founded by Carrie Lomas, has developed a straightforward sustainability and ethics scoring system that instantly shows shoppers whether best sustainability practices are already in place, or whether there are opportunities for improvement in one, two, or three or more areas. The system can be used on packaging, clothes tags, products, and ecommerce websites to give consumers the essential information they need to make smarter and more responsible choices.

While developing the system was challenging given restrictions created by the global health crisis, with help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Brand Conscience was able to accelerate plans and move forward with hiring researchers, developing a prototype, and designing graphics. Now, Carrie hopes to see the Brand Conscience Sustainability Graphic on every item description and every fashion item tag by 2025.


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Brand Conscience