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Born Maverick

Blending food, health and ethics

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Our environment can provide us with the alternative resources to stock our shelves and protect our most harvested species simultaneously. Born Maverick are using technology and innovation to make this sustainability dream into a reality.

Loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest threats for the food industry today. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that 72% of species are at risk of overexploitation; i.e. harvesting at a faster rate than reproduction or regrowth. To combat this, one innovative startup is introducing alternative, sustainable solutions that make use of some of the world’s most underutilised resources.

Azhar Murtuza is the Founder and Director of Born Maverick; a company that’s bringing health, nutrition, and sustainability together with a new line of responsible food products. Using molecular computation methods, Born Maverick is developing foods such as ‘shrimp’ and ‘scallops’ from fast-growing seaweed, creating sustainable alternatives of well-loved favourites without compromising on taste or texture.

Having completed the theoretical research needed to develop these products, Born Maverick utilised support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund to transform ideas into reality, and reach out to leading research organisations for collaboration. With plans already underway for manufacturing and branding, the unique Born Maverick food line is expected to hit the stores soon, helping shoppers make more sustainable choices.