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Changing the world of drug formulation

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Innovative dry microencapsulation methods that can bring more drugs to market.

Manufacturing drugs for paediatric applications comes with a unique set of challenges. Notably, the need to counteract the bitterness of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and enhance solubility to reduce the risk of delayed onset of action and local tissue injury. In an effort to tackle these challenges, Aston Particle Technologies is developing new development methodologies to revolutionise the future of drug manufacture.

Aston Particle Technologies specialises in disintegratable tablets for paediatric formulation development. The launch of a new project designed to make a major difference in the treatment of respiratory infections has seen the team – which includes Afzal Mohammed, David Wyatt, and Lisa Tim – shift to techniques that fluidise particles for more uniform distribution; a move that is set to transform the paediatric industry.

With support from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, the Aston Particle Technologies team was able to continue funding critical research and development, along with vital lab work, to develop the first dry particle coating technique for the pharmaceutical sector. The team now hope to be able to further enhance this particular technology, making it suitable for wider applications beyond paediatric formulation development.


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Aston Particles
Aston Particles