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Airway Medical

Affordable, portable and easy-to-use Airway Medical Suction Unit

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With medical suction devices being often costly for hospitals in developing countries, Airway Medical is improving access with a non-electric, non-battery portable alternative, the AMSU, that’s 90% cheaper than standard models.

Whilst almost a third of all plastics are recycled in the UK, there are many other types of materials that are difficult to recycle in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. For example, just 5% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled today, and those that are – undergo a very energy intensive process that limits the benefits.

Tackling this is Simon Rathbone, Development Manager at Impact Solutions. Simon and the team are committed to identifying promising solutions to some of the world’s most complex recycling and environmental challenges, and taking these ideas from concept to reality. Recently, Impact Solutions has been working to take an early-stage idea for improved lithium-ion battery recycling and transform it into a working solution.

With help from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, Impact Solutions has been able to fund essential development, advancing the technology to a point where it’s able to dissolve target metals at a lower temperature than the existing process. This innovative process uses less energy, and ultimately reduces the financial and environmental cost of recycling some of the more challenging materials that are in circulation today.

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Airway Medical
Airway Medical