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Abundance investment

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70% of councils across the UK have declared climate emergencies. And yet few have the financial resources needed to address the problem. Sourcing capital to support green initiatives has long been challenging, and for councils it can be even tricker. That’s why it’s vital to open up alternatives to traditional lending for local councils, helping to reduce the cost of borrowing for rolling out critical environmental projects.Abundance investment is making it easy for anyone to donate to green initiatives in their area.

Founded by Karl Harder in 2011 as a way of supporting companies delivering low carbon infrastructure in the UK, the firm has diversified to help local councils fund green municipal projects through community fundraising for local climate bonds. Through a simple online platform, residents can donate to these projects and support their local communities.

The Sustainable Innovation Fund played a significant role in developing the new investment offering, helping Abundance Investment to transform the theoretical idea of local residents donating to their council’s green efforts into real initiatives that motivate people and make it possible for them to do their part to decarbonise their community.

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Abundance Investment