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Innovate UK KTN


The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally and also globally. Innovate UK KTN’s mission is to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to these challenges and drive positive change through innovation.

Innovate UK KTN’s diverse connections span business, government, funding, research and the third sector. What makes us specialists in what we do is our ability to convene the expertise of others into our deep reaching and broad knowledge pool. Through a network of experts, we ensure ideas are shared across diverse sectors and communities, so that opportunities are identified for innovation.

We create powerful connections, with business at the heart of everything we do. We source impactful, strategic relationships with potential partners, ensuring that the benefits of your new ideas are felt locally as well as nationally and globally.

Being leaders in research translation, Innovate UK KTN’s shape and inform the innovation communities of the future. They actively build communities around emerging innovations and sectors to prepare markets for the global opportunities and scalability challenges ahead.

Within Innovate UK KTN, we have dedicated expertise across a whole range of skill sets and disciplines. Our people are experienced collaborators who are set up to understand your innovation project and provide the business, academic and funding connections to fully realise your opportunity.

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